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    How to clean and display budget vs. Actual document

    Mike Ann

      if someone can advise and show me how to clean this kind of document. It has calculations  going on in the columns as well as in the rows . ..


      1. I am trying to display it properly but need help cleaning out the data

      2. What kind of graphs after cleaning can i display this in to wow everyone.


      I tried pivoting the fields but then fields like Dimension A and Dimension B become dimensions and i am not able to calculate them.


      3. Also what would i do to call out Department B Sales in 2017 YTD, what would i do,  to do a calculation like that


      Thank you all for coming responses


      My document is similar to this .. how would you do it

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Mike,


          I'm just throwing a few ideas at you. I didn't bother cleaning the data but I probably would if it was mine to make building visualisations easier.


          You mentioned you wanted to call out Department B's earnings in 2017 YTD, so I made this the theme across all departments -  I used a shape icon to call attention to the YTD figures.


          I then followed on with this theme, to give 2016 and 2017 comparisons. I have split the titles in column A from the rest of the data, which then built the following 2 sheets off this.


          Note - I have deliberately left information off this viz, this is a design consideration. I didn't feel that these figures value added to the viz which is something you need to consider in designing your vizualisations.