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    Tableau: Action filters on dashboard




      I am using Tableau 10.2 to create the following view. See sample view below.


      Steps Done:

      I created a hierarchy for some fields. Say in the example below -> Region, State, City, Category from the Sample SuperStore data.

      There are four views in total which will show a specific hierarchy level.


      1. View 1 -> Region

      2. View 2 -> Region (hidden) and State

      3. View 3 -> Region, State (hidden) and City

      4. View 4 -> Region, State, City (hidden) and Category



      I created action filters on the dashboard wherein when selected the other views will then update based on the selected value in the previous levels.

      It worked fine but what I want is when I select a value, it would only show that value. I was able to do it for the Region view but my problem is for the State View and the City view when I did the same approach as the Region View it did not work.

      When I clear the filters, it will show all the possible state values and city values and not the state and/or city value associated with the selected region and/or region+state.


      I would like to get your ideas what I did wrong as I get confused sometimes with how the dashboard actions work.


      I have attached a sample file (v 10.2).


      Thank you so much!