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    Average by each contact type

    Hannah Murphy

      For a contact center, I have a Tableau sheet with rows showing employee name, type of call, number of calls, and avg talk time.

      I want to be able to show the total group avg talk time by type of call. I've tried just showing grand totals (avgs), but that just gives me one final number, while subtotals only show me total avgs by agent. Any ideas on how I could do a calculated field to get total talk time avgs for each call type to show all the way down for each agent? TIA!

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          Deepak Rai

          {FIXED employee Name, Type of Call:AVG(Talk Time)}

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            Hannah Murphy

            Thanks, but unfortunately, that throws a syntax error that I'm missing an operator. My data kinda looks like this:


            Agent                         Call Type       Total Calls                  Avg Talk time        Avg Group Talk Time


            Joe Smith                   ABC                   1                                5

                                               DEF                   2                                3

                                               GHI                   14                              10


            Sally Smith                  ABC                  10                              4

                                                DEF                   2                               2



            And essentially what I need is another column that would show the average talk time for all agents for each of the Call Types as above. TIA!

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              Deepak Rai


              Can you paste it in Excel format? but I think you are looking for this as you want to see for what call type what is the average talk time for everyone.

              {FIXED  Call Type:AVG(AvgTalk Time)}


              Let me know