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    Downloading large charts from server

    Rebecca Saracini

      I have bar charts on server that have lots of associated data in the view. Users need to be able to download images that show the complete bar chart, not just a screencap of what show's on screen.


      Any ideas on this or how to format for size?



      When choosing to download to pdf and selecting 'sheets in dashboard'  - you get a complete capture of the view, but the formatting is not great.


      Just wondering if anyone has any tips or insight into this?


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          Galen Busch

          Hi Rebecca,


          The only way to get the whole chart would be to set the size of the dashboard from Tableau desktop large enough to accommodate all of the marks.


          I might also add that this isn't an intended/recommended use of Tableau. You're going to bump into a lot of walls here. If I were in your shoes, I might consider an Excel workbook or SQL table to store this data.