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    Data Presentation into Graph

    Benjamin Rubattel

      hello Everyone,


      I measure the lead time between the Customer Order creation Date to the Date the shipement is made.


      1. I have a Networkday calculation in Excel, This gives me a number of days to ship an order line

      2. I have orders with multiple lines and I have a calculated field in tableau that calculate the maximum number of days to ship an order

      3. I group them into buckets:


      1 Days

      2 Days

      3 Days

      4 Days

      5 Days

      6 - 10 Days

      11 - 15 Days

      16 - 20 Days

      > 20 Days


      I would like to present this in order to see what is the percentage/percentile of orders shipped within these buckets beeing able in the graph to see the trend month to month (having 12 month history)


      I am not sure which will be the best  graph for presenting this in a maneer that is easily understood by the user?


      would you be able to provide ideas?