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    Tableau very poor performance in IE11 and Firefox.

    ish Khan

      **** community!

      we are using Tableau from last couple of months and very excited to integrate more embedded code with our exciting project.

      however, we are facing and dealing with some IE  and Firefox bugs and poor experience since day one.

      we were using customs code react + tableau-react-npm and were getting bad experience in IE11, Edge and Firefox.

      told by Tableau support not use custom code and use just simple embedded code (IFrame).

      here is the simple embedded code and getting same errors and poor experience.


      for errors in different  browsers screen shots are attached.


      import React from 'react';

      import Header from '../../containers/header/index';

      // import Styled from 'styled-components';


      // Tableau online reports

      export const overview =


      export const pinPoint =



      const Test = () =>


            <Header />










      export default Test;



      any help or advice will be appreciated!!