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    Multiple sources without joining in a single sheet on a filtered blended axis

    Jasmeen Malhotra

      Hi everyone and thank you for your help.


      I want to combine multiple measures from different sources on a blended axis in a single sheet, without joining the sources, and apply a filter.


      I can do the following things without any issue:

      - use multiple measures from separate un-joined sources on a blended axis on a single sheet without a filter

      - use single measures from separate un-joined sources on separate sheets with a filter


      However, when I want to combine measures from the un-joined sources AND apply a filter, I get the following error message, and the filter doesn't get applied to all the sources:



      However, I don't want to blend or join the sources, because each source refers to a slightly different pool of people so I don't want to overlap the data at all.


      In the attached sample workbook, the measures I'm trying to combine are Util YTD Week 9 and Util YTD Wk 13. Each is a calculated field from a separate sheet of the same Excel workbook. The "Combined w/filter" sheet is an example of the kind of viz I'd like to create.


      Thanks so much in advance for your time.