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    Tabcmd Status

    Madhusudhan Khambham

      Hi All,


      Can anyone please let me know how to check the status of my Tabcmd using batch script.


      Example: If i run a extract using Tabcmd using Batch script, I would like to know the status of this tabcmd whether it is running or failed or any other issue.


      We have one for Tabadmin. But, do we have any way to check TABCMD status?


      Thanks & REgards

      Madhu K

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          Jeffrey Line



          Within a batch file you can use this code to determine if the command has been executed successfully.

          if not {%ERRORLEVEL%} == {0} (

            goto CMDERROR


          This will basically let you know if the previous command was submitted successfully. it does not tell if you the extract has finished refreshing. This would be some more code to accomplish that.


          I've attached a script that I use this code for so you can see how I've used it. Hope this helps.