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    Excel-like control over labels in a scatter or bubble plot

    Toby Robertson

      I am trialling Tableau as a means of creating (for now) bubble chart visualisations, using the ability to colour marks by a continuous fourth variable - something which it is impossible to do in Excel.


      All very well, but I am struggling with the lack of control over mark labels. In Excel it is very easy to move these around a crowded plot while automatically creating leader lines from label to data point (mark), and to reshape individual labels as text boxes so that (for example) the label text wraps over two or three lines.


      How does one create leader lines from labels to marks, and is it possible to change the dimensions of long individual labels so that they are more compact and span multiple lines?


      My ugly workaround at the moment is to create the plot in Tableau with marks without labels, and again in Excel with labels but without marks, and superimpose the two images. The result is visually excellent, but is time-consuming.


      Any help appreciated.