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    Finding Row where Period Fits In

    Ian Holder

      Say I have data like this:


      The fourth column, Term Code, shows when the Daou Code came into effect [format: Year Session - e.g. 199340 is 40 Session in 1993; 201215 is 15 Session in 2012].


      I have a TermCode parameter the user can enter.  I want to return the record above that corresponds to the TermCode the user enters.  If say, the user enters 201760, then the first record I would like returned would be ACC100 A I, ... , 217, 201215, as 201760 comes after 201215.  The next would be ACC100 B D, ..., 217, 201215, and so on.


      If the user entered 201060, then the first record returned would be ACC100 A I, ..., 213, 201015, as 201060 comes after 201015 but before 201215.  In this case also, the last row I've shown would not be returned as 201060 is before 201315 [ACC100 PT I].


      Is there a way to do this in Tableau? 


      To be honest, this report will be unlikely to be run for past TermCodes, so I could select the MAX value of TermCode and be confident it should work.  But, say it was 2018 and someone was running this report and entries were put in the database for 2019 in advance, I'd like the report to work as it should hence me asking.