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    Vizql, Backgrounder and Data server down

    Jim Lauckhardt



      Yesterday our extracts failed to refresh with the following message (image extract_error):


      Failure: Failed 1 time. Sign in failed.

      Resolution Details: Check the Data Connection page for necessary updates to an access token or embedded credentials.


      I verified that all our passwords were unchanged and test connections which were successful.


      The tableau dashboards now give an error message saying:


      HTTP 404:

      Unable to connect to the server "localhost". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database. (image tableau_error)


      Further, when I opened the Server Status page, I saw that our one of our two Vizql, backgrounder and data servers were down. We have two of each and only one of them is active for all three of them. (image server_status)


      So, I decided to remote desktop into the server and run the tabadmin status -v command and strangely it is showing that all processes are running. (image tabadmin_status)


      Finally, I opened a case with Tableau Customer Portal and letting them know about this issue (they asked me send them the log.zip file) but the mean time I was trying to problem solve this issue. Any help would be really appreciated.