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    Exclude/Include Outliers Within a Pane Based on Measure

    Rob Bissonnette

      Hi all,


      I was hoping this would be simple but I've been searching for a solution and unable to come up with an answer so I figured I should probably explain what I'm trying to do.


      I'm creating a workbook with different levels of detail, mainly by date levels (e.g. Year / Month / Week / Day) which can be changed, but also things like State / Regions, etc. What I'd like to do is exclude the top N transactions (i.e. the most expensive) for each pane.


      So, for example if I was looking at NSW (State) August 2017, it would exclude the top N transactions, which also excluding the top N transactions in the September 2017 pane, and the October 2017 pane, etc.


      If I rank each transaction by including their unique ID I can easily work out what the top transactions are, but then as soon as I remove the unique ID from the view it's then ranking based on the overall aggregate rather than the individual values.


      I've included some sample data which has the unique IDs ranked, as well as an example of what I'm trying to do. If you change the "Top N" number in the workbook (as if it were a parameter) it excludes those transactions based on their rank and the summary updates.


      Let me know if I'm not explaining myself clearly, I'm relatively new to Tableau.