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    "Email Link" Button not working Tableau Server 10.4

    Hilary Cooksley

      Each time I click the "Email Link" button under the "Share" menu in Tableau Server, the following things happen:


      1. FireFox prompts me to select an e-mail service for sending out the link

      2. After selecting the service provider, FireFox opens a new blank tab

      3. This new tab closes within seconds and I am back to square 1


      Anyone else having this issue?


      Couple of other things to keep in mind:


      1. I know almost nothing about internet browsers and their settings.

      2. The only way to access our server URL is through a private VPN which restricts content from leaving the private network. However, our VPN also has an internal e-mail system setup which should be able to utilize the "Email Link" feature.

      3. In undertstand that I can easily copy and paste the URL into an e-mail and be on my merry way, but sadly the "Email Link" button must pass a test case which I had no say in writing.


      Thanks in advance for any help!





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          Sylvain Cogné

          Hello Hilary,


          do you receive other Email coming from Tableau Server when you subscribe to a view for example? Or do you even have this subscription option available for any view on the upper right side ?


          Tableau Server configuration allow you to configure a SMTP Server to distribute Email an alerts as you wish. If you do not receive other Emails coming from the server it may be because of an error in the SMTP server configuration. It could be because of a firewall blocking the access to this mail server and Tableau server.


          That is the first things that comes to me in mind so I hope it helps...


          BR regards and good luck