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    Tableau Performance

    Prajval T

      Hi Team,


      Can any one help to find out what is the max limit of data(In GB) tableau can handle.


      And how much data we can keep to have good Dashboard with good Performance??

      Please provide exact figures.





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          Donna Coles

          Hi Prajwal


          Firstly, I've moved this thread into the Server Online & Admin part of the forum as it's likely to attract more attention from relevant 'experts' there.


          Secondly, I'm afraid you're never going to get any sort of 'exact figure' response to this.


          How well Tableau performs is dependent on a myriad of factors - the spec of your hardware; whether you're running a single server or multi-node environment, whether you're using extracts or live connections; what data sources you're connecting to, how the dashboard has been designed, what the performance of your network is like etc etc


          Can I suggest you do a bit more research and check out some of the Whitepapers here : Whitepapers | Tableau Software  and other resources aimed at Server Admins here Tableau Server Support | Tableau Software