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    Filtering out single bar from Dual axis bar graph using action filters

    Dinesh karem



      I have a requirement to use action filter on a stacked dual axis bar graph.


      Attached the picture of my bar graph.


      Eg: In the month January I do have a stacked bar divided into colors with 28 & 4 (Total Number of records divided based on a field), further I do have a bar graph to divide 28 into 71% & 29% Percentages (Based on another field).


      If I create a action filter based upon the outer bar i.e 4 (In the month of January) I was able to successfully get the the records filtered and navigate to the  other dashboard using action filter.


      But if I navigate to the same other dashboard from the same bar 28 (in the month of January) using action filter , I do get nothing out of it .


      Any help is much appreciated on this one.


      Thank you