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    Quarterly dispalying values

    Lakshmi P


      We are displaying Order Price Index for global and region level data.The user is allowed to chose the baseline and current year/quarter.

      Generally baseline could be previous year or any previous quarters.


      Global : Tier4,Part number{fixed}

      Region: Region,Tier4,Part Number{fixed}

      Customer: Global account Group,Tier4,Part Number{fixed}


      For baseline,we are creating parameters ex: baseline= 2017 Q3, then we display Q3_revenue(directly picked from database)

      For current,we are creating parameters ex: current = 2017 Q4, then we display Q4_revenue(directly picked from database)

      Whenever we encounter a new quarter,we end up changing the complete logic to accommodate this new quarter.


      Please let us know the best solution for this.