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    Events not capturing


      Hi All,


      I want to track who refreshed the extracts and which users changed their ownership of the workbooks/projects. When I look at historical events and want to pull the required info , its not displaying any data. Its not capturing few events which were performed.

      Its capturing 'Who published or Who downloaded or deleted' but not capturing all events. May I know why is this happening? Is there any thing I can do to make them capture?


      Any pointers would be appreciated!!


      Note: My tableau version is 9.2.0

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          Hello Trinadha,


          I believe that some of the desired functionality is available in the Tableau Server ability to create custom admin views for monitoring activities on Tableau Server.


          The levels of data needed might need to be adjusted depending on what is being attempted to be done with the data, I would review the 'Collecting Data with the Tableau Server Repository' article prior to connecting directly to the workgroups database.


          + Collect Data with the Tableau Server Repository


          Additionally,I am including the product help on the use of custom admin views in Tableau Server.


          + Create Custom Administrative Views


          The workgroups database data dictionary gives a good overview of the values that are available in the various tables.


          + Workgroups Database


          An excellent place to get some ideas of what can be done is to review some of the pre-built views that can be used to monitor Tableau Server traffic and health.



          I hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick