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    Adding calculated fields together

    Diane Hackbarth

      I have created a number of calculated fields to support a report I'm trying to generate on quota attainment.  Now I would like to add three of those fields together.  I thought i could simply add them together:


      Total License Revenue + Total Cloud Revenue + Total Laas Revenue to get the Total Revenue Sold.  That simple formula shows no errors but when I add the the newly created Total Revenue Sold calculated field to the viz, I get a 0 for Total Revenue Sold, which is not correct. 


      For us opportunities are typically either "License" only, "Cloud" only or "Laas" only.  It is rare when an opportunity would contain all these elements.  Am I running into an issue here because of Null values?  If so, can someone show me how I'm supposed to write the Total Revenue Sold calculation so they add up correctly?


      Any help would be appreciated.