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    Viewing Measure as Dimension



      I have a dataset which shows revenue of 'Accounts' over a time period.  I am wanting to see what is the breakdown of revenue for each month for 'Accounts' as per below:

      Existing MRR (total amount from December of the prior year}


      New MRR

      Credit Note




      I have created table (attached) with the dimensions in 'Transaction Type for Month' showing everything but 'Growth' and 'Beginning MRR (as at December of prior year).  Growth and Beginning MRR (as at December of prior year) is calculated under 'Measures' and I have put it as a 'Tooltip'.  Is there a way I could include 'Beginning MRR' (as at December of prior year) and 'Growth' as dimensions in 'Transaction Type for Month'? The Dimensions in 'Transaction Type for Month' are 'IF' formulas and so I'm at a loss how to incorporate the 'Growth' and 'Beginning MRR' which are aggregate calculations in the same Dimension.