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    Karen Hannum

      Hi All


      This is more of a Is it possible question.  We have a pretty complex report with multiple user filters  (Let's say air, rail, car, and hotel)  These all work fine and users are limited to what they can see based on client. Most users can see multiple clients.  Like Adam may see 5 clients but his boss Brenda can see those 5 and 10 more.  The customer wants the user to be presented on each tab with a blank page displaying. They want the user to be presented with the Clients offered based on the filer  So far so good. This all works.


      However instead of none displaying as default in the dropdown  They want to show 'Select Client Name' as the default.  When they click on the dropdown the user should be able to select one or multiple clients based on their user filters. Users may have 5 clients on the air page and 2 on hotel, none on rail etc so these must work independently. Is it possible?


      Thanks in Advance