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    To check whether same value exist in another table

    Sunil Pandey

      Hi Everyone,


      I am working on this project and I need help.  I have faked up data for data confidentially reasons. Please bear with me.


      We have two data sources


      Datasource1: Excel sheet which has 5 fields namely  Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Products, Category

      Datasource2: is a DB2, however excel here for understanding purposes, has 6 fields namely  Risk Level 1, Risk Level 2, Risk Level 3, GBP Product, Region Code, Country Name


      And I am performing a left cross database join on DS1 with DS2 where

      Level 1 = Risk Level 1

      Level 2 = Risk Level 2

      Level 3 = Risk Level 3

      Products = GBP Product


      I have created a two dashboards

      1. Global View: This is created using the DS1 data
      2. Regional view: This is where I am trying to achieve the below


      Now what I am trying to achieve is if a value for e.g. “Spoofing” in field “Level 3” from DS1 has an entry in field “Risk Level 3” in DS2 with corresponding values in GBP Product, Region Code & Country Name

      Then label it as “Alpha”  Else “Beta”. I tried achieving this by creating a calculated field called “ Category1” and moving it to the color shelf.


      However it does not happen desired as , I get the all the “Beta” in the null values whereas I want them to be seen on the other regions & country where its blank.


      Can anyone let me know where I could be going wrong?  Have attached the tableau and excel files.