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    TIP: marker if single value filter is in use

    Caroline Beavon

      On a recent project I realised I needed some kind of marker to appear when a particular filter was in use. The dashboard had quite a few filters and it was easy to forget which ones had selections made.


      Note: this only works with single value filters.


      1. I created a chart with the information I needed.
      2. I added a single value filter
      3. I created a second worksheet  - placed the measure in detail and set the mark to SHAPE - this is the ALERT
      4. In a dashboard I placed the alert next to the filter (set to Fit entire view)
      5. I applied the filter to both the bar chart and the alert.
      6. Admittedly, this takes some fiddling to get right for your dashboard, but you will need to play with the size of the circles and the width and height of the alert box, so all the circles 'disappear' when ALL is selected.
      7. Once you have got that right, you can simply duplicate the Alert box and change the measure and filter settings.


      I know it seems a bit hacky and fiddly, but once you've nailed it, it's a great tool to have!


      I've attached a workbook so you can see how it works.


      Link here > Tableau Public

      (tried to embed but filters didn't work)