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    TUG icebreaker ideas / interactive sessions

    Kirstin Lyon

      At the Copenhagen TUG we are trying to promote networking.  As it doesn't seem to come naturally to some Danes to come in to a room of strangers, and then strike up a conversation,  we've been using icebreakers and interactive sessions at our events. 


      Here is what we've tried so far:


      1.  Speed-dating.   At the valentines day TUG we organised Tableau speed-dating as the ice-breaker activity.  The idea was you had 3 minutes to talk to someone and find out some details / share a tip, and then move on to a next.  Pro's:  this worked well, and we had good feedback.  Cons:  we needed a louder alarm to move the couples on!


      2. Group chat based on the data your are working with.  In the eventbrite announcement, we included an additional question asking for which types of data they were commonly using.  Based on that we created some categories, and after the initial welcome, we divided the attendees in to groups where they could network with others using similar datasets in different companies.  Again, good feedback - but they would have liked the session to be have been longer, with a clear goal for it, and perhaps a way of presenting it at the end.


      3. Tableau Bingo.  This is based on an idea I saw in the Alteryx Community boards. Everyone received a bingo card when they arrived (see attached).  We played 4 games using the same card.  Game 1 was to complete a row,  Game 2:  a row and a column. Game 3:  diagonals.  Game 4:  full house.  We handed out Tableau Swag for a won games (thanks Tableau!).  There appeared to be different strategies in play here.  Some were going for the prize, and others were looking for a chat and to make a connection.  Not difficult to find out which strategy worked best in terms of prizes :-)


      4. Makeover Monday:  We randomly divided people in to teams (they got a card with a number on it at the start), and we gave them 90 minutes to create their own viz in groups.  The groups then presented their work, and answered questions.  Another popular session and fascinating to see what people come up with.


      5. Interactive session using Kahoot.  Earlier this year, one of the presenters used kahoot to make his presentation more interactive.  He'd ask a question,  give the audience time to answer via kahoot, then discuss/ make comments about what the answers from the attendees were and how it connected to this presentation.  I liked this a lot - and would like to incorporate it in to other presentation / parts of the TUG.


      6. Simple feedback via post-its.  We've used post-its a few times to get instant feedback from our sessions - we are considering moving that to Kahoot too so it becomes anonymous feedback.


      The feedback we've received so far has shown that the icebreaker / interactive elements of the TUG are working well, so we want to become more adventurous with them.  For the October event we are looking for other games that adults are up for playing that can be made relevant for Tableau, and a Christmas time we are organising a Tableau-themed pub-quiz.


      I think the interactive / ice-breaker sessions are fun to organise, and help to get people talking.