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    Calculated field - incorrect order when sorting

    Josh Mark



      I am running into an issue with my fiscal calendar year sorting in Tableau desktop. Our fiscal year starts in February, so January is the last month of the fiscal year. For example, the second week of January 2018 is actually January Wk 2 2017, on the fiscal calendar. When loading these fiscal months into Tableau and sorting in calendar order, Tableau thinks that Jan 2017 is the first month of 2017, not the last. In an effort to solve this problem, I have added another field for a filter that includes the ordinal week number, then the fiscal week name, so Tableau knows that January is the last month of the year. When adding this new ordinal week to the filter, it sorts properly. However, if I create a calculated field to only show the right 13 characters of the ordinal/fiscal week name field, the sorting gets messed up. The attached document will better help illustrate this.


      Any suggestions to get the second filter in the same order as the first?


      All help is appreciated.