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    Excel is corrupted resulting in the incorrect Dataset

    Siddhi Wagle

      Hi Guys,


      I have got this unusual request here… So I have been trying to join 2 datasources – One is Oracle datasrc(with a volume of 2 M records) and other one is an excel (1 Lac/ 10^5 records)

      The excel should be the primary table(left table) and Oracle custom query should be right. Now the resultset always comes up incorrect giving the result of that of the Right join(secondary table).


      I tried all possible combinations-

      1. Pasting the excel data to a new one and using this excel
      2. Using the .csv version of excel
      3. Switching the sides of the 2 data sources(I knew that’d be fruitless, still wanted to leave no stone un-turned)


      Finally, I pull this excel data into a db table and used the Teradata as the other source for joining and it worked!

      Alas my happiness was short lived! …The architects in my team have asked me not to use the workaround(extracting excel data using ETL into DB) strictly.

      I need a solution for this , so that once again we can start using excel directly into the data source.


      NOTE: Can’t really share the data or the wb here as I am doing it for a client