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    Jackson Lucas

      Hello there!


      My names Jackson Lucas and I've been using Tableau for a little over a year now. I'm just now starting to really get the hang of the program and beginning to build more complex dashboards. The main issue I have is I'm completely self-taught and do not have any internal Tableau experts at work. Would anybody in Houston be interested in a Houston workshop or meet-up?  I'll be at the Tableau Conference as well.

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          Catherine Brown

          Hi Jackson!  I do not believe we have had one recently, but Houston does have workshops on occasion.  Haven't heard of there being a more informal meetup.  I've been to some general meetups about data science, but not any specific to Tableau.  I'm sure you've found all of the training online already, and these are particularly helpful starting out.  Also, a lot of people share workbooks on the forums or in Tableau public, and these can be a great resource.  It all depends on what questions you are trying to answer.  The Tableau Conference is great (I went last year, but will not be able to this year).  A lot of the sessions are shorter versions of the paid Tableau training and provide some great information.  They should also have a track for your industry.  At the end of the conference, most of the sessions are shared with attendees.  So, if you can't make everything you want, you can watch it later. Seeing that you are in Oil/Gas, there are a lot of local users at a variety of companies.  I'm sure you will find a good group to network with.


          If you run into any difficulty, I recommend posting on the help forums once you've really gotten to the end of your rope.  Always include a packaged workbook if you can, as this helps other users troubleshoot your issue.