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    Area chart showing the totals of statuses through time

    Edmund Gentle

      I want to create a stacked area chart showing the status of a set of values over time. Essentially, for each record, I have a hotlist date, an expiry date and a blocked date:


      Hotlist DateExpiry DateBlocked Date


      I want to show the status of each record on a cumulative stacked area chart.

      Status - Hotlisted = Date>Hotlist date AND Date<Expiry AND Date<Blocked

      Status - Expired = Date>Expiry

      Status - Blocked = Date>Blocked AND Date<Expiry


      Therefore the status of each record changes through time depending on the dates in the table.


      Tableau v 10.3


      I'm not sure if I've explained this well - but any help is much appreciated!


      Many thanks