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    YTD, Current Month, Previous Month

    James Brooks

           Hey All,


      was wondering if a table like this would be possible to create. This is assuming "month" is always displaying the current month and the other values "previous month" etc are based off the current month. There will also be multiple metrics.Capture.PNG


      Finding this a little difficult to replicate. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi James,


          This is do-able, but how to make it work depends a lot on how your source data is structured. If you want to do this with multiple measures, then it would be easiest if your source data was unpivoted, like the first example below.

          I wrote out a bunch of relative time period calculations in my first reply of this thread:Relative Dates Filters as Dimension. One of these might get you started.


          If you can put together sample data in a .twbx that represents how your source data is structured, I can give more specific help with your data.


          All the best,