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    TC17 full conference pass available (see details below)

    Adam Ackerman

      From the New Hampshire TUG community:


      "I have a full conference pass as well as a workshop pass (Desktop 201) for the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas beginning October 9th.  My company has cancelled all non-customer facing travel so I am no longer able to attend the conference.  Unfortunately for me, Tableau will not refund my pass ($2,000).  Fortunately for someone else, Tableau has stated that I may transfer my pass, free of charge, to anyone I wish. I have an email from Tableau Conference stating this and I am happy to share that email with anyone.


      Do you know anyone that would like to attend the conference?  I am looking to recoup as much as I can for the pass but, quite frankly, I'd consider giving it to someone rather than noone going.  Here's what I would like to offer:  I will give anyone the conference pass that would like to go.  I'd be happy to accept a donation of any amount if it was offered, but I do not need payment for the pass.  As for the workshop, I believe Tableau will reimburse me for that ($600), but if someone would like to go to that, I'd consider giving that up as well (again, a donation of any amount would be accepted)..


      Let me know if you know of anyone."


      Thanks ,Jeff