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    tableau a query error occurred. domain information not available

    John Powell

      Hi all


      I have a workbook that has stopped working.


      I had 6 columns in the data source that were showing an error.  Turns out o3 of those were because of a SQL that had a derived query in it that sent it back up into itself.


      I've corrected that by splitting those out and adjusting the views that Tableau is looking at so although I'm getting the data in a different way it's still seeing the same information from the same view.


      I've got 3 more and 2 of those hinge on a calculated field called "deals starting" which is running a count of a column from a blended data source.  As far as I can tell there's nothing wrong with the data but going to describe shows the error: "tableau a query error occurred. domain information not available"


      The column it's referring to does have data if I check it out from the blended data source.


      I can't understand why those aren't working.


      I haven't worked with blended data sources yet, I get the notion of it but not sure how to resolve this one.