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    Points not displaying data in connected table

    Ryan DeLine

      Hello, I've built a traffic count dashboard that has some data connected with every point on the map.   Using the map as a filter or in general by filtering to specific count sites there are times when the site does not display it's corresponding data.  When clicking view data and then view full data these sites have sets that are attributed to the point on the map.  My question is why doesn't that data get displayed.  Even if null I'd like the site to display in the table but it is not.


      Some test sites that you can filter to are; 11093, 10390, 325, 801, 803, 802


      If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!



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          Jim Dehner



          have you tried an expression like          iif(ISNULL([% Single-Unit Truck]),0,[% Single-Unit Truck])                to force a value into your nulls

          I just threw in a 0 it could be any value

          it returns



          You would need a similar epresssion for each measure




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