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    unable to login to tableau server installed on my friends computer

    amrish kumar

      Hello all,


      i have tableau desktop professional edition 10.3.2 licensed version installed on my computer. i also have tableau server 10.3.2 installed on my friends windows 10 computer.


      i am able to connect to tableau server (installed on my friends computer) using my tableau desktop (installed on my computer) and publish. i use the login of my administrator.


      But the problem is when i try to login (from tableau desktop) using some other active directory user name (i have added this USER to tableau server )  then i get the error: "Invalid username or password".


      there is a LAN connection between both the computers.


      when i click on "Sign in using your Windows Credentials" and signin then i get error:

      "Tableau Server could not authenticate you automatically.


      Sign in using your Tableau Server credentials."


      please help me on this log in issue..


      Note: Tableau server is a trial version and tableau desktop is licensed version

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          Hello Amrish,


          Please see the below snippet from the Tableau product help on authentication in Tableau Server. The user, if using Active Directory, will need to be on the AD that is configured for the Tableau Server. Otherwise the Tableau Server credentials need to be used. BUT regardless of the authentication method the user must exist on Tableau Server and in the external authentication technology, in this case Active Directory.



          Authentication verifies a user's identity. Everyone who needs to access Tableau Server—whether to manage the server, or to publish, browse, or administer content—must be represented as a user in the Tableau Server identity store. The method of authentication may be performed by Tableau Server (“local authentication”), or authentication may be performed by an external process. In the latter case, you must configure Tableau Server for external authentication technologies such as Active Directory, SAML, or OpenID. In all cases, whether authentication takes place locally or is external, each user identity must be represented in the Tableau Server identity store, which is managed by the repository.


          I hope this helps!





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