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    Stacked bar chart with two additional variables as lines

    Laura Raus



      I'm struggling to include two additional variables as lines on a stacked bar chart.

      • The stacked bar chart is for electricity generation in each hour of a day from various energy sources
      • I managed to include on this stacked bar chart a line describing electricity consumption in each hour of the day
      • But I haven't found a way to include another line - which describes electricity prices in each hour of the day.  Even though it should be possible as electricity generation and consumption are in same units (MWh) and can hence use the same axis while the other axis would be left for prices that are in different units

      When I want to add a line for prices, Tableau creates an additional chart below the original one for it, but I would like to have prices on the same chart as everything else. Please let me know if you have any idea how I could include prices on the same graph.


      Many thanks,