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    % up time - Tableau server

    Sunil Tikar

      Hello All,


      Any Idea how to get % uptime of tableau server for a month.


      Total % uptime is one of the KPI we want to maintain monthly basis , so just checking if anyone here has any idea/logic/process to get that value.




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          Andrew Macey

          My preferred solution would be to monitor a lightweight URL  (portal page or simple workbook) every 5 min or so via a script and log the success/failure of that to a file and calculate the uptime based on that.


          Not really an uptime solution, but having your Tableau Server admin scripts log to a file when they are executed can be pretty useful info...


          @echo %date% %time%,%~n0 >> "C:\Tableau Scripts\log\TabServer_scriptlog.csv"


          Log content will be like:

          Sat 09/01/2017 18:30:00.01,TabServer_STOP

          Sat 09/01/2017 18:40:00.05,TabServer_Ziplogs

          Sat 09/01/2017 19:30:00.05,TabServer_START