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    Percent of column when using multiple measures

    Zohar Gilboa



      I have a database of calls to clients and I'm trying to create a chart that looks at the days between intake and the first call, and organize them into bins. I've managed to do that part, but now I'm trying to get the chart to display the percent of total intakes, and I'm not sure which way to go. Meaning, if I had 100 people contacted immediately after intake, and 30 people called between 1-3 days after intake, and let's say 200 people overall, I'd like to show immediately after intake = 100/200=50%; within 3 days = (100+30)/200=65%, etc., since each category includes the previous one.


      One option I did was create a calculated field that assigns a single value to each client:

      if isnull([Days to Coaching]) then "No coaching provided"

      elseif [Days to Coaching] = 0 then "Coaching directly after intake"

      elseif [Days to Coaching] <= 3 then "Coaching within 3 days"

      elseif [Days to Coaching] <= 10 then "Coaching within 10 days"

      elseif [Days to Coaching] <= 30 then "Coaching within 30 days"

      else "Coaching more than 30 days after intake"


      This way I can easily display it in a stacked bar, but the percentages don't stack up (meaning the "within 3 days" just shows me 30/200=15%).


      Another option was create multiple calculated fields, each one something like if [days to coaching] <= 3 then 1, and then summing those up. This gives me the correct numbers I'm looking for, but I can't manage to convert them to percentages from the total intakes in my table.


      Any advice? I'm attaching screenshots of my two current solutions. Thank you!