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    Old subscription not working

    Arun Yadav

      Hi All,


      I'm facing a strange issue with subscription. User has personalized a view by making some selections on the report and has saved this view. When setting up the subscription , this view is coming as blank in email but when user clicks on this image in the email , it takes to the report (personalized view) and can see the data there. So I'm confused as why the view in email is coming blank.


      Another point is , when I did it from scratch, selecting the filters and saving the view ( same selections) & setting up the subscription, I'm getting the report and can see it as well. It's working fine.


      What could be the issue with previously set personalized view ? I'm not able to figure out the issue here. Anyone else has encountered similar issue before, please let me know.


      Tableau Server Version:- 10.3.1




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          Matt Coles

          Possibly, at the time that the subscription is running, there is no data matching the filters for the viz. Are you running a data transformation or refresh during the time that the subscription runs that temporarily causes the data to be purged? You could test that by having the user subscribe on the same schedule that your own subscription is on, if you haven't already tried that. Outside of an actual bug or failure on Tableau Server (or Online)'s side, I don't know why it would behave this way, so I'd suggest following up with Support if you can't figure it out.