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    Remove columns with monthly data

    Andy Dalugoda

      I have two questions hope you guys/gals can help


      i have a text table that shows performance index for 3 most recent months, i was able to create a calculated field that shows the change in index for those 3 months. I also want to create a 3rd metric that shows the average of the change for those 3 months

      I'm using WINDOW_AVG([calcPerformance]) to calculate the average change for the 3 months. it works fine but it shows the same value 3 times. is there a way to get the average value to show only just once?


      second question: i assume this is pretty simple but i have not been able to figure out


      I would like to show 6 month or year change. for instance most recent data i have is for June 2017 and i would like to compare that value to January 2017, if it is july 2017 then to February 2017 so on.


      i have tried lookup function but it will only work if i show historical data all the way back to January in the text table. is there another way to do this where i can show performance for past 3 months and also have separate columns that show 6mo, 12 mo change?


      hope all this makes sense and i really appreciate all your help