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    Table Across on top of a Table down calculated field

    Anuj Chopra

      Hi All,


      I have a calculated field as follows:


      [Business]- (sum([Business ($)]))/ (TOTAL([Business ($)])))


      The above field gives me % value of business share of different organizations computed down the table with the different organisations in the rows shelf and reporting month in columns shelf  as follows (Not showing all rows):



      Organisation name1/01/2017


      Now, I need to calculate the difference between the above to columns to give me a result as follows:

      Organisation name1/01/20171/02/2017


      The Key here is that I need to do a difference of my calculated field [Business] but this time across the table, so basically need a way to do percent difference across the table of a calculated measure which is done down the table.


      I have tried the following but it yields incorrect result:

      (([ Business ]))-LOOKUP([ Business ],-1)