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    earthquake wdc example - mine works in simulator but not in Tableau desktop

    Jeff Jenkins

      Hi Community - hope someone can boost me along on this.  I went through the wdc tutorial, created the .html & .js files.  They work using the simulator but when I open Tableau Desktop, select webdataconnector, put in the location of the wdc...nothing happens.

      Seems like I must have the code correct in the 2 files created through the tutorial but not sure why it is not working when connecting with Tableau.


      when I select wdc for Connect to Data, the wdc window pops up;  I put in the url of the wdc...and nothing changes on the screen.  No error message, wdc window stays up...I click Enter a few times, no change on the screen.


      Any hints about what might give this condition?


      Thanks,   Jeff