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    Display only relevant data in the View Data

    Becki Duong

      Hi, I'm new to Tableau and have been stuck on this issue for hours now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I have a field name “Category Misalignment”. The field contains following values 1) CST_SIOP  2)PRIC_SIOP or 3) CST_SIOP,PRIC_SIOP. The idea is to create a graph where it’ll display only two values (CST_SIOP error and PRIC_SIOP error). I was able to product the graph, however when I view the data behind the bar, it shows all available data instead of relevant data creating the “PRIC_SIOP error”. My understanding is that because the measure values are not mutually exclusive, hence it cannot be separated. Is this correct? Is there a way to exclude the unwanted data or a better way/method of creating the graph where only relevant data are showed? I have enclosed the workbook, please review and provide any feedback and suggestion.