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    Export Tableau Viz on click of export button to PDF automatically

    Jasmine Zhang

      Hello All,



      Currently we're trying to use Tableau JavaScript API to print a workbook in PDF automatically without having end user manually click dialog box in order to automate batch PDF printing a workbook with different value being applied to a filter in the workbook.




      Currently showExportPDFDialog() is the only method we see in API reference. There's no other method beside this one which will allow us to do printing PDF automatically.




      we're trying to use jQuery to click "Download" button in PDF Export dialog box to automate the printing without having user manually clicking the "Download" button, but got some hiccups here. I'm a JavaScript novice. Would like to seek insight from anyone in order to understand it:




      There's a  span tag "span.tab-text-button.tab-widget.tabStyledTextButton.tabMediumStyledTextButton.export.tabStyledTextButtonFilledGreen" which is the one for "Download" button on PDF Export dialog box, but the following jQuery can't fire the clicking of Download. Just wondering if anyone can guide me what I'm missing here. Below is the jQuery we're using:








      A screenshot ("PDFexport.png") is attached here for reference.




      Thanks so much for help in advance!


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