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    Blended Data Visual that Shows 2 Measures, each with its own date field on 1 Viz

    lenzy petty

        1.  I blended data from two data sources.

        2.  The 1st  data source has Date fields are in the 2nd data source, and Date Fields that are NOT in the 2nd data source.

        3.  The 2nd data source has Forecast Value measure, which is not in the 1st Field.

        4.  I blended the data with relationships based on dimensions that describe the car, as well as dimensions for the matching dates.

        5.  I built the Left side of the picture below, based on data from the 1st data source, but am trying to understand if I can build the Right side of the picture, which is based on the 2nd data source.

        6.  I am trying to build the Right side of the image below.






        1.  In the attached file, the Right side only shows the measure for Forecast Value, but not the Date Field, which would let me see Forecast Value by Year.



        1.  I would be with the Right side showing a table or bar, or some other visual, but I need it to show Forecast Value by Year.