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    day difference

    allam preethi


      I'm very new to tableau and i'm stuck at finding date difference between planned and actual( below is the screenshot). i tried using (DATEDIFF('day',LOOKUP(ATTR([End Date]),0),(LOOKUP(ATTR([End Date]),1)))) refer 2nd screenshot),but somehow its not the way i want. The difference is not proper. Please suggest me

      All i need is difference between actual and planned(number of days)



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          Sushmitha Reddy

          Hi Preethi


          I think, I understand your issue here.

          Create the following calculation fields to get the date difference you need.


          Actual Date:


          IF [Category] = 'Actual' THEN [End Date] END


          Planned Date:


          IF [Category] = 'Planned' THEN [End Date] END


          Date Difference:


          DATEDIFF('day', [Planned Date], [Actual Date])


          If this calculation didn't resolve your issue. Please send a Package Workbook.