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    How to change data connection dynamically in Tableau?

    Saif Jamadar

      Hello Guys,


      I have one statistical file created in R and this has is used in Tableau for creating reports and charts.


      This R file is generated at run time by passing values through Tableau parameter.


      Once the file is generated, the reports and chart get refreshed. (Live connectivity)


      Now the problem is that if two users are logged on Tableau server and try to access these reports then reports are get messed up because file is overwritten every time user has provided the input.


      So can we create user specific files and switch the data connection as per username.


      Appreciate early response.





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          Hello Saif,


          The ability to have Tableau automatically load a data set via a user base parameter pass through or user based data source (automatically recognizing the logged in user and passing parameters to data source for use in Tableau) is not currently part of the product. Feature requests can be submitted to our Tableau Community Ideas forum: Ideas


          What could be done is to publish the workbook with the data source for each of the end users. Something like <Workbook name>.<employee ID>. This would allow for each of the users to connect to their own data source and allowing for only the desired data to be returned without changing another users view.


          Additionally, I also found the following Tableau Community post:


          Can we dynamically change the datasource


          I hope this helps!