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    Running schedules via tabcmd

    George Soler

      I have all of my ETL processes running on my SQL server. Once they complete I have a batch file which refreshes the extracts either incremental or full with the code below...


      tabcmd refreshextracts --synchronous --project "Finance" --datasource "PFS_complete_dataset (MY_Data_Warehouse)"


      I want to do the same thing with some subscriptions to dashboards. When I create a subscription schedule I am required to enter a time for that schedule. The problem I have now is when I run this schedule from my SQL server environment via the batch file it will run twice...once when it is called via the batch file and again with the schedule I was required to enter in Tableau Server...does this make sense?


      tabcmd runschedule "DAJ - Test"


      What am I missing? How can I execute subscriptions remotely?


      Thank you very much in advance!