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    Mapping Help

    Lee Clanton

      Good Morning,


      So here is what I am trying to do:


      I have 2 sets of data on a map:


      Customer supplied data


      Data gathered by my company


      I also want to place the customer's current sales reps territories on the map so we would be able to see all three at once.  Is this possible?  What is the easiest way to get there?  I attempted to make their rep's data into a set and display as a filled map but that doesn't seem to be the best route.





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          Sarah Battersby

          Hi Lee,


          What sort of data are your customer supplied data and the data from your company?  Tables of locations (csv, excel, etc.)? Polygons?  Since a dual axis map will only let you see two axes at once, it sounds like you'll need to figure out a way to combine two of your files.  If your customer and company datasets are both just point locations in text tables, you could combine those and symbolize separately in a single layer, and then add your sales territories on a dual axis map.



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