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    Running total on claim triangle



      I have a claim triangle that has incurred date as column and Paid date as rows and the measure is Countd(authorization numbers). I have to find the running total on this measure .

      There are values which are incurred but not paid . These  values are null for Paid. Basically I have to calculate the running total  of authorization numbers across paid date excluding null values (which are incurred but not paid) and then calculate percentage of total i.e. how many authorizations were paid out of incurred?

      Percentage of total is secondary calculation on running total.

      However, I am failing to calculate running total in triangle format only. I can have running total on for paid date with null values records but i want to have running total excluding null values records in triangle format only and then have percentage of total which includes null values.

      Sorry i cannot attach any twbx file.

      Can anyone please let me know how to get running total without null values but percentage of total is with null values?


      NOTE: I have tableau 10.0 version.

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          Hello Chits,


          This is going to be a slightly difficult scenario to create a solution for without the Tableau Desktop packaged workbook. Would it be possible to include a subset of the data in a mocked format in a packaged workbook, as it sounds like the original data source is not shareable? Another possibility for getting more assistance would be to provide a screen shot of the calculations in use.


          Another possibility would also be to provide a sample data set of what Tableau Desktop is connecting to for the community members to better understand the issue at hand.