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    Extract Refresh Question

    Mike Batovsky

      When Tableau Server runs the scheduled refresh does it run each data source's scripts concurrently or sequentially? I am connecting to Teradata several times using different scripts as a data source and trying to understand if it would be more efficient to us a different application to run all the scripts concurrently, or if Tableau already does that.


      Thank you for the help

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          Madhusudhan Khambham

          Hi Mike Batovsky


          Is your question is like


          You have a dashboard where you connected to Teradata multiple times(Say four times) each time with a different CutomSQL script.

          All your datasources are embedded within the workbook and are of Extract data connection type. Now, if you refresh the workbook

          will the 4 scripts run sequentially or concurrently? is that right?


          I can confirm that  all 4  customSQL/Scripts you have in your dashboard will run concurrently during your extract refresh.



          Madhu K