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    Humanity connection

    Kristin Nutt

      Has anyone connected to Humanity's shift planning software?

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          Hi Kristin,


          Tableau has several capabilities for connecting to data sources that are not directly offered on within our named connectors, a full list can be found here: Tableau Desktop | Tableau Software


          For some additional connection options Tableau offers the ODBC (Tableau and ODBC ) which allows a connection to a wide range of data bases. Some additional assistance on ODBC connections can be found in the Tableau Community space for ODBC connections. Found here:ODBC Connection


          Additionally for data sources available over the HTTP(S) protocol a html file written in JavaScript code can be created, a web data connector (WDC) to connect to dadta sources that do not already have a connection source available. Additional information on the WDC can be found here: http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/help.html#examples_web_data_connector.html

          As well as in the Tableau Community space for the WDC: Web Data Connector


          Tableau also maintains a GitHub space specifically for the Tableau Web Data Connector, the space is monitored by the development team and gives a chance to work with the amazing people that build Tableau!


          Tableau GitHub | Get Started


          I hope these resources help!


          Some answers to the following questions might help identify the possibilities for connection to the Humanity software. What are the available connections that Humanity software supports? Does the software support a ODBC connection or download/export of data to a supported data source(DataSources)?