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    Migrating Tableau Server to a new box: Should I restore with '--no-config'?

    Charles Ayotte-Trépanier



      I'll be migration our Tableau Server environment to a new machine next weekend, and I'm not too sure if I should restore the backup with '--no-config' or not.


      I was planning to restore *without* the '--no-config' option. It seemed to make more sense to me, as I'll want most of the configuration (proxy server settings, wgserver.trusted_hosts, enabled jmx, vizqlserver.client_metrics_enabled, vizqlserver.client_metrics_filter, etc...) to stay the same.


      There's 2 things I know I will have to change: paths to SSL certificates, and number of processes. It appears to be much simpler to keep the same configuration, and just make these 2 simples changes after the restore is completed.


      Then, I saw this thread, Restore from back up  --no-config , where Russell Christopher mentions that the config includes 'The name & IP address of the machine on which Tableau Server was installed'


      It got me thinking, is there anything I didn't consider that would justify using '--no-config'?


      1. I don't remember ever having to enter the name/IP of the machine on which Tableau Server runs. Where is that information, and how can it be edited?

      2. How does Tableau uses that name/IP of the machine on which Tableau Server runs?

      3. Is there any reasons for using '--no-config' when restoring my backup on the new machine? Anything I might have missed?


      I did already restore a backup from the prod environment on the new machine, without '--no-config' (and then disabled all schedules as soon as the restore was over.) I got the firewall rules to be copied form the previous machine, I got the new IP to be whitelisted on all servers/applications where it was required. All connections are working fine. I tested performances with Scout and Tabjolt. Everything looks fine to me...but I'm not too experienced of an admin, so who knows what I forgot